Fashion division

Torino’s office, located in the central Piazza Carlo Emanuele II, assists the Shanghai and HCM’s offices.
Composed by an Italian and Chinese commercial, IT and administrative staff, it operates on the European territory, managing many online and offline activities on behalf of the most important Chinese and South East Asian business groups.


Logistics and warehousing services for the shipment of imported products on the Italian and European networks.

The office manages and assists the clients in the whole import process, taking care of transportation, customs, logistics, warehousing and collecting the necessary certificates.
In Venaria Reale’s headquarter, Redi opened a showroom to expose all the best selling seasonal and continuous items by Redi Group.


  • Europe Purchase
  • Product research
  • Suppliers research
  • Supplier audit 
  • Evaluation of the supplier from a technical/qualitative/IT and legal/financial point of view
  • Negotiation with suppliers on every commercial aspect:
    • price
    • delivery
    • payment terms
    • minimum order
  • Intercultural intermediation between Italian customer and Asian supplier
  • Quality control
  • Legal support 
  • Logistic support

Production of live shows 5 hours a day, broadcast in streaming from the most important Asian market places, with real-time sales and shipping within 24 hours to the final consumer;

“Vip buying” service: that is the possibility of purchasing limited production garments or accessories specifically for individual customers.

Purchase service at the European monobrand stores of the most prestigious brands. This service has a double advantage:

  1. Lower prices for the same products sold by the same “Maison” in Asia;
  2. Access to the complete collections of all the brands, the same collections in Asia are reduced by about 30%.

In this way we are able to offer to our Asian partners the opportunity to purchase the complete ranges (sizes included) of all the products of the brands.

Sale through our B2B online platform with shipping service to the final customer in maximum 48 hours from the receipt of the order

Support in obtaining the certificates of originality necessary to import each product according to the law

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